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Telephone Responding is one of the most rewarding Service experiences that a recovering Alcoholic can engage in.
Learning to communicate with a variety of callers, some Alcoholic, some unsure; and still more seeking help for a loved one.

Add the calls from Case workers, Probation officers, Health professionals and Members seeking information, and you have a raft of opportunity to practice AA principles in action.

The Service contribution you will be making in opening, running and housekeeping of the Office teaches you responsibility.

Knowing that you are one link in a chain of Responders, that, rely on each other to turn up, do their bit, and hand it on to the next Responder; this will add structure and discipline to your Recovery.

That feeling you get when you know you have helped a still suffering Alcoholic is awesome, a practical reminder that the program works, when you work it.

If you are about nine months into sobriety, and you are considering doing phone Service, give the Office a call on 01179265926, email us at:

We will arrange your sponsoring into Service.


We have made significant changes to the phone office to make it a more attractive Service option.

The Rota is now available on-line, it’s also displayed on a monitor at the Office.

Responders communicate using a WhatsApp Group

Entry to the Office is now by proximity card for the front door and a combination lock on the Office door.

No more collecting and returning keys!

The telephone divert system is now automatic, the system transfers the line to the Responder on duty at the appropriate time, according to how we program it.

The Evening shift times may change shortly – finishing at 9:30 pm instead of 10:00 pm

Twelfth Step Information for Home Responders is available on-line from a secure server.

We are also planning on re-decoration of the Two Rooms, once maintenance work on the meeting room ceiling is completed. 

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