Why Do Service?

Our 9th Tradition: “AA, as such, ought never be Organised, but
We may create Service Boards or Committees directly
responsible to those they Serve”

This is advocating a Democracy where all Members are equal;
those who take up Service roles are trusted Servants, they do
not govern.

But what about ‘Keeping it Simple? In 1966 Bill W commented:
“- but when we get into questions of action, by Groups, areas
and AA as a whole; we find we must, to some extent, organise
to ‘Carry the Message’ – or face chaos. And chaos is not

In the book ‘AA Comes of Age’ Bill wrote:
The Unity, the effectiveness, and even the survival of AA will
always depend upon our continued willingness to give up some
of our personal ambitions and desires for the common safety
and welfare.
Just as sacrifice means survival, for the individual Alcoholic, so
does sacrifice mean Unity and survival for the Group and for
AA’s entire Fellowship.

What are you planning on doing today, to ‘Carry The Message’ ?