Job Descriptions



Inter-Group Chairperson

The Chair has the responsibility of convening and conducting the meetings, approving the agenda and minutes before they are published.


Inter-Group Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chair has the responsibility of standing in for the Chair, as required, convening and conducting the meetings, approving the agenda and minutes before they are published.


Inter-Group Secretary

The Secretary has the responsibility, with the Chair, for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings and for distributing these documents to the Group Representatives well before meetings so that there is ample time to discuss the contents. The Secretary deals with all correspondence, passing for example requests for speakers to outside organisations to the Public Information officer or a suitable member. The Secretary keeps in touch with the General Service Office making sure that it promptly has a copy of the minutes and notice of any change of officer.


Inter-Group Treasurer

The Treasurer has the responsibility for keeping a proper account of all Intergroup finances and ensuring that funds are available for its essential current requirements with a prudent reserve of, say, three months’ estimated expenditure. The Treasurer reports to Intergroup the balance remaining for prompt transfer through the service structure to the General Service Office. Local variations in the service structure may add extra duties to this role. Two years continuous sobriety and a sound knowledge of the Traditions, Service Structure and Concept’s are equally as important as the ability to keep accounts.  


Public Information Liaison

A Public Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that information about the A.A. message and programme of recovery is conveyed to outside organisations to the best possible advantage.  The provision of a panel of members to comply with requests for speakers is an important part of this role.


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Treatment Centre Liaison

Treatment Centre Liaison collates a list of these institutions, within the Inter-Group area, and establishes contacts with them to offer literature and arrange for Members to share their experience, strength and hope with patients, to encourage them to attend AA meetings.

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Schools Liaison

Collates a list of Schools in the Inter-Group area and makes contact with them to offer information.
Arrange for AA Members to attend and share to pupils or staff.  



Probation Liaison

The main object of liaising with the Probation Services (in England and Wales) and the Criminal Justice Services (in Scotland) is to carry the message that AA exists, and that its members are freely available to help those who have got into trouble under the Criminal Justice System because of their drinking. It is estimated that a significant number of cases coming before the courts involve some element of alcohol abuse, and that many of those appearing in such cases have a history of re-offending sentences. It is hoped that engagement with AA will provide an opportunity to help reduce this. AA welcomes the opportunity for Probation Officers and Criminal Justice Social Workers to consider asking the Fellowship to provide information and help where possible.


Prison Liaison

The Prison Liaison Officer should gather and collate all information about the prison Groups in their area (including open prisons, Young Offenders Institutions etc.) and forward the information to their Regions and to GSO.

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Telephones Liaison

The TLO 

Telephone Liaison in the Bristol area is arranged to suit the Bristol Telephone Service, which is the main business of the Western Service Office.

The TLO’s from both Intergroups sit on the Committee, set up to run the Office and pass the conscience of the intergroup to and from the Telephone Committee, reporting on the activities of the Telephone Service Committee.


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Young Persons Liaison

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Employment Liaison

Employment Liaison collates a list of businesses, within the Inter-Group area, and establishes contacts with them, to offer information on AA as a free resource for those staff who may have a drink problem. Appropriate HR Staff may be invited to attend ‘Professional Day’ events.   

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Electronic Comms Liaison

The ECLO role is listed in the AA Service Manual a copy of which is attached.
Bristol & District Intergroup ECLO is a job share role.   

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Police Liaison

Police liaison Officer should gather a list of all police stations within their Inter-group and make representations to each, with the view of providing posters literature and other information thought appropriate, with the possibility of signposting alcoholics to Meetings or the help line service. 

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Hostels Liaison

Works closely with Probation Liaison and includes safe house hostels, the locations of which are secret because of their sensitive nature, some clients may be Women sheltering from domestic abuse. 

Officers may recruit volunteers, drawn from group Members, to go into these institutions and share their experiences with clients or Staff. 


Share Magazine Liaison

Visits Groups, in the Inter-Group area, to encourage subscription to this valuable tome. Described as the ‘Meeting between Meetings’ it may be the vital identification needed to help someone, who otherwise would have not heard of AA.        


Health Liaison

The purpose of an HLO is to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic through cooperation with professional healthcare workers. The HLO establishes contact and maintains communication with healthcare professionals and reports back to intergroup and/or region. Full details for this position click the link below:

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Armed Forces

The Armed Services Liaison Officer assembles a list of Armed forces locations, in the local area.

Offers support and information, to encourage those suffering from alcoholism, to engage with AA through literature, talks from recovering alcoholics and one-to-one contact with Members who are, or used to be, in the forces and have first hand knowledge of the suffering alcoholism can cause.     

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The AA Service Handbook Job Description:

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