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Time Meeting Location Intergroup
19:30 Portishead There Is A Solution
North Weston Village Hall
Bristol And District
19:30 Clevedon Steps
Quaker Meeting House
Bristol And District
19:30 Kingswood Back to Basics
The Park Centre Room 2
Bristol And District
19:30 Tuesday Steps Online
19:45 Young Persons Group
Redland Parish Church Hall
Bristol And District
19:45 The Park Tuesday (Evening)
The Park Daventry Road Knowle Bristol
Bristol And District
20:00 Acceptance Is The Key
Friends Meeting House
Bristol And District
20:00 Thornbury Discussion
Jubilee Hall Alveston
Bristol And District
20:00 The Steps We Took
Methodist Church Hall
Bristol And District
20:00 St George Tuesday
The Beehive
Bristol And District
20:00 The Fourth Dimension
Victoria Methodist Church
Bristol And District


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      Tradition Seven

      Tradition 7 – Financial Contributions – Online Meetings

      Members are recommended to follow the usual AA funding pathway.

      Group surplus funds should pass to intergroup via the Group Treasurer & GSR
      Intergroup will do the same and pass surplus onto Region who’s surplus funds pass onto GSO

      Members can make personal donations – your annual contributions should not exceed £2000
      To maintain anonymity and preserve humility please use: ‘A Member of [group name]’ as the reference.   

      Please can groups use this account for contributions to
      Bristol And District Intergroup
      Account Name: Avon South Intergroup
      Sort Code: 40.26.27
      Account Number: 71573209
      Please mark the payment with your Group name.

      Thank you for your contributions


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      Warning Zoom Meetings Host’s

      If you are a meeting host trying to start a meeting using the site and are asked for a code.


      Please follow these steps.

      1. Open another tab.
      2. Navigate to
      3. Login using the username of the zoom account e.g. or
      4. Enter the same password as the zoom account.
      5. Find the email sent by zoom.
      6. Use the code provided when prompted by us.
      7. Please note this only for meeting hosts, members and others are not affected.

       Please forward this message to all other zoom group hosts.


      YiF AA Bristol Web Team


      Meeting Finder Updates

      Please contact: for Group information updates.

      The latest wtf leaflet has been published and is available from:
      The Phone Office (Monday 10am – 6pm)
      Central Union Wednesday (Broadmead Baptist Church)
      Just For Today (Hurle rd Clifton)
      Nailsea Saturday (St Francis Church)
      Intergroup on 27th February (All Saints Pembroke Rd)

      The information you send us will be shared with the following Officers.

      Wtf Liaison Officer: for updating and printing of wtf leaflets.

      Electronic Comms Officer: for update of the website meeting finder.

      The Confidential wtf (printed on coloured paper) includes Group contacts and is distributed only to Groups.

      The Public Information Version (pid) is contactless, printed on white paper it can be freely distributed as required.

      Ideally each Group should provide two contact Names & Numbers.

      Anonymity & GDPR

      The Private Personal information on the Confidential wtf, or any other related document, is never published publicly.

      The contact number of any person requesting personal information will be passed onto the recipient, it is for the recipient to action as they think fit.  






      In Fellowship

      Covid-19 impact on AA Bristol Services

      Legally enforced attendance restrictions that applied to AA Meetings in the UK have been lifted.

      A common sense approach should now be adopted, with advice from the venue owner on attendance numbers, the use of kitchen facilities and the third party insurance risk assessment, which may need to be revised.            

       GSO: Latest Coronavirus News       


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